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Submitted By Topher - GAT0001 - on 06/10/2018

Welcome to GA Tours

GA Tours was born from CEO, Topher Webb's, love of smaller aircraft for smaller routes. Topher operates Susi Air Virtual and also Fly Asia VA, and set up GA Tours to create and fly general aviation aircraft around the world.

The schedules are specifically for tours, and we encourage our pilots to create their own charter flights within smartCARS for their own experience, or fly the tours created.

If there is a tour that you think our pilots will love, contact me and I will set it up

Topher Webb, General Aviation Tours

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Flight #
Slot Added
Slot Expires
GAT0042 Topher Webb 19-09-2018 21-09-2018 NTGE NTGJ C172
GAT0041 Topher Webb 19-09-2018 21-09-2018 NTTO NTGE C172
GAT0040 Topher Webb 19-09-2018 21-09-2018 NTGM NTTO C172
GAT0039 Topher Webb 19-09-2018 21-09-2018 NTGF NTGM C172
GAT0038 Topher Webb 19-09-2018 21-09-2018 NTTG NTGF C172
GAT0037 Topher Webb 19-09-2018 21-09-2018 NTAA NTTG C172
GAT0036 Topher Webb 19-09-2018 21-09-2018 NTTP NTAA C172
GAT0035 Topher Webb 19-09-2018 21-09-2018 NCMR NTTP C172
GAT0034 Topher Webb 19-09-2018 21-09-2018 NCAI NCMR C172

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
GAT0032Topher WebbVava'u International AirportNiue International AirportC17202.34-75 ft/mAccepted
GAT0031Topher WebbFaleolo International AirportVava'u International AirportC17203.33-45 ft/mAccepted
GAT0030Topher WebbHihifo AirportFaleolo International AirportC17203.22-345 ft/mAccepted
GAT0029Topher WebbPointe Vele AirportHihifo AirportC15201.43-66 ft/mAccepted
GAT0028Topher WebbLabasa AirportPointe Vele AirportC17202.17-211 ft/mAccepted
GAT0018Derek JagerBukaHoniara IntlC15203.27-151 ft/mAccepted
GAT0017Derek JagerTokuaBukaC15201.26-113 ft/mAccepted
GAT0016Derek JagerHoskinsTokuaC15201.23-338 ft/mAccepted
GAT0027Topher WebbNadi International AirportLabasa AirportC17201.50-6 ft/mAccepted
GAT0026Topher WebbVunisea AirportNadi International AirportC17201.21-225 ft/mAccepted